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Our Solutions

Our customers trust us to align their network capabilities with their organisational priorities to make sure that their investment in IT delivers value. We adopt a consultative approach and it helps to describe the business potential of IT networks into four main segments:

Next Generation Security (NGS)

Most organisations now realise that 'old-school' firewalls and access control solutions leave huge vulnerabilities in the network. Trends like "bring your own device", for example, represent specific and urgent threats that demand a response. The question now is when, not if, the work should be done to upgrade to Next Generation Security (NGS). Have you planned when you are going to protect your network effectively against new and emerging threats? Find out more how our solutions can secure against the new unknown and help you build an outside in, inside out strategy with next generation security.

Mobile IT / BYOD

35% of the worldwide workforce will be mobile by 2013. More and more users are bringing their own devices into the workplace and accessing on demand services such as email, finance systems and social media sites. While companies need to give flexibility to users, this cannot be at the expense of data loss. We work with companies to determine the right policies for them. For some, the right policy is giving users choice in a controlled way. For others, it’s detection and prevention. Find out more about how you can right size your network to support proliferation and discover how a simplified management solution can protect and monitor while enabling users to work from anywhere in the world.

Networking Consolidation

Organisations across all industry sectors are striving to simplify and consolidate their networks to drive out costs and support new business initiatives. They’re seeking to optimise performance and provide their users with a secure, reliable and fast network. Find out more about how our solution can reduce the operational costs of network services, simplify business infrastructures and lower administrative overheads.

Network Automation

Research shows that human error can account for over 75% of downtime. Automation can dramatically reduce the problem. With network change management software, you can eliminate daily manual chores and the ordinary management of the core network infrastructure. It’s the key to avoiding human error, managing IPv6 and maximising competitive business drivers such as virtualisation and cloud computing. Our automation solutions deliver network efficiencies and can free up your people to focus on growing your business. We can also offer you all the choice you need including automation from our own UK data centres, third party data centres or on-site at your location.

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